Tools and utilities for the security managers.


Personal Data

Personal data management was created to have all the data relating to customers, suppliers, contacts and employees.


This module is able to increase the management and control capacity of customers by governing all information related to contacts and commercial relations involved in the business.

Project Management

Project and Order Management module allows you to monitor the progress of the jobs and the costs of each project thanks to the planning of activities through the use of tasks and dashboards.

Management Control

Management Control application reconciles a timely recording of costs and revenues by offering precise information on what happens daily in the company.


Ideal support for monitoring and analyzing the activities of employees in the company, optimizing the collection of information related to the resources used with extreme simplicity.


Document Management

It is an area for document management that allows you to organize any type of document and information allow you to improve sharing and searching and ensure its security.


It makes it possible to configure and customize all the modules so that COMETA satisfies and fits most of your company requirements.


Tools and utilities for the security managers.

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